What is Foo Music?

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A Foo CD is a CD made from a playlist generated from your most-listened to music.  This website documents my ten foos and thoughts surrounding such.

Foo, FØØ, F00, whatever you call it…  In the summer of 2000 I discovered the Play Count column of Windows Media Player/iTunes/any media player.  I was in college, heading home for the Christmas break and was excited to show my sisters and parents all the neat music I had discovered since I had seen them last.  I needed music for myself and music to show them, and that turned out to be 20 CDs I was bringing home.  I didn’t want to take up suitcase space for that, so I went into Windows Media Player, sorted by playcount, and burned a CD of my most heard music that year.  Because it was the Fall of 2000, I scribbled “FØØ” with a black sharpie on the disc.  This quickly became my favorite mix-CD.  My friends wanted copies, and their friends wanted copies.  Eventually there became a ring of people who referred to the CD, and eventually the process, as “foo.”  Search google for it and link here… And so we are here, now eagerly anticipating “foo ten”, which will surely be spelled FØØX!   And people love this one…

** UPDATE September 3, 2010 ** As of iTunes 10, “Play Count” is now called “Plays” therein.  “Skip Count” is therefore called “Skips.”
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